KU Service

In the interest of providing our customers with optimal technical support and after sales services,
in 2001 KLAUS UNION set up a separated service point in Ningbo. .
We are committed to doing everything to provide our customers with rapid and comprehensive
support, for it is our mission to be your partner for all your pump, valves and mixer/agitator
needs. Our staff of experienced and highly trained maintenance and product specialists stand
ready to help you. Toward this end, we maintain numerous well stocked spare parts repositories
at strategic locations worldwide.
To achieve your goal - we provide on-site training of operators and maintenance personnel, as
well as start-up assistance and field trouble shooting.

Mission of Ningbo Klaus Union:
? sale magnetic drive pumps and valves
? sale and stocking of spare parts
? repair, assembling & testing magnetic drive pumps
? repair, assembling & testing mechanical seal pumps
? repair, assembling & testing valves
? NKU trainee program