H Ring casing pump


Design features

  • Horizontally mounted multi-stage ring casing pump
  • 2-8 stages
  • Impellers realized in pairs or back-to-back
  • Shaft mounted on roller bearings bilaterally outside the casing. Alternatively, the shaft can be mounted in fluid-packed internal bearings on the suction side.
  • Shaft sealed via a face seal and gland packing.

Technical data
Q up to 450 m3/h with 50Hz / up to 540 m3/h with 60Hz
H up to 900 m with 50Hz / up to 1300 m with 60Hz
t from -40°C up to +180°C
p up to PN 100
Special constructions and
higher outputs available.

Standard construction
Suction casing: 1.4408
Pressure casing: 1.4408
Stage casing: 1.4408
Impellers: 1.4408
Bearing lantern: 1.0619
Bearing carrier: 0.7043
Other materials available