Pipe-bend propeller pump P (horizontally mounted version)


Design features

  • Horizontally mounted propeller pump
  • Pipe-bend casing made of welded cast steel
  • Adjustable propeller blades screwed to the hub
  • Grease or oil packed ball bearing 
  • Shaft seal: face seal or gland packing
  • Propeller can reverse direction
  • Special configurations
    - PV: propeller blades can be adjusted steplessly while the pump is running
    - PK: The propeller unit can be completely dismantled with the casing intact
    Flow direction can be reversed by repositioning the propeller blades

Technical data
Q up to 12,000 m3/h with 50Hz / up to 14,400 m3/h with 60Hz
H up to 8 m with 50 Hz / up to 11.5 m with 60Hz
t from -100°C up to +160°C
p up to PN 10
Special constructions and
higher outputs available.

Standard construction

Other materials available