Non-gland seal mixer SLM RAV with a permanent magnet drive

The SLM RAV magnet drive is a completely watertight unit. High quality permanent magnets translate drive output and torque from the external magnet drive in the ambient atmosphere to the internal magnet carrier on the product side. The isolation shell between the two magnetic rotors provides the system with a completely leakproof seal.

The mixer/agitator shaft is mounted on ball bearings on the product side. The design of these bearings is determined by the product-side conditions such as temperature, rpm, product properties and the like. Oftentimes standard ball bearings can be used that are lubricated afterwards or permanently packed in grease and that are sealed using PTFE radial shaft sealing rings. The ball bearings can help protect against corrosion through realization of an inert gas overlay.

In the interest of monitoring operating status and detecting damage at an early stage, PT-100 can be used for temperature sensors, vibration measurement nipples, rpm sensors, and motor power output monitoring devices.

Explosion prevention
The SLM RAV magnet drive is available as a category 2 device for use in zones 1 and 2. If zone 0 is present inside the drive, the zone category can be reduced to 1 or 2 through the use of an inert gas overlay

Product components
The most basic version of the SLM RAV magnet drive consists of the following:

  • Drive carrier and magnet driver for connection to the drive motor and gearing
  • Riser/mixer/agitator shaft extension assembly with a junction for the tank flange
  • Product-side mixer/agitator shaft extending from the magnet carrier to the mixer/agitator shaft coupling


  • Drive motor/gearing/gearing motor
  • Monitoring gauges for temperature, rpm and vibration
  • Inert gas junction

System performance
Up to 7000 rpm
t from -120 °C up to +450 °C
p up to PN 100
Higher pressure levels and special configurations available

In order to provide you with a quote, we need information in respect to the following:

  • Stirring process (product, pressure and temperature)
  • Tank flange dimensions; mixer/agitator shaft length and diameter
  • Axial and radial force at the stirring element
  • Drive output, rpm and torque; motor/gearing data; and possibly the manufacturer and the relevant dimensions
  • Monitoring modalities for rpm, output and temperature