Magnet drive pump SLM NHO for high temperature applications up to 450 ?°C


Design features

  • Process oriented design
  • Magnet drive
  • Leakproof
  • Horizontally mounted
  • Modular system
  • Oiled ball bearing
  • Center mounting bracket
  • No cooling needed

Technical data
Q up to 1000 m3/h with 50Hz / up to 1200 m3/h with 60Hz
H up to 150 m with 50Hz / up to 215 m with 60Hz
t from -120°C up to +450°C (uncooled)
p up to PN 40
Special constructions up to PN400
Higher outputs available.

Standard construction

Pump casing: nodular iron or 316 SS
Impeller 316 SS
Isolation shell: 316 Ti/Hastelloy C4 or titanium
Magnet carrier: 316 Ti
Internal bearings: silicon carbide
Bearing lantern: nodular iron
Bearing carrier: ductile iron
Other materials available

Identification code:


Suffixes (designs):


heated pump casing


jacketed bearing lantern


thermal barrier without secondary seal


thermal barrier with secondary seal


internal filter


external feeding, internal secondary-flow boring enclosed


external flushing and venting; internal secondary-flow boring non-enclosed


external secondary flow with main flow filter per DGRL




Design variants

Heated pump H1 and/or H2
The pumps are outfitted with a heat jacket and pump casing (H1) and/or a heat jacket in the bearing lantern (H2). Both heat jackets can be realized either separately or in conjunction with a bypass line. The heat jackets in the standard construction are rated for operating pressure of 16 bar at 200 ?°C (steam) or 6 bar at 350 ?°C. The heat jackets can also be used for cooling.

S or W thermal barrier and secondary seal
The thermal barrier acts as a structural element between the bearing carrier (in the bearing carrier model) or drive motor (in the close coupled model), whereas the hydraulic system allows for heat transfer. This reduces ball bearing temperatures in the gearing when hot liquids are being transported. A radial shaft sealing ring can also be integrated into the thermal barrier for purposes of sealing the magnet driver. The sealing ring acts as a secondary seal that prevents the product from leaking into the environment through a leak in the isolation shell. In order for this secondary seal to be used, the magnet driver chamber must be monitored so that leaks can be detected in good time.

Internal filter F
When solids-containing liquids are being transported, the internal filter prevents inadmissibly large particles from entering the flow channels, and from there the magnetic coupling and internal bearings.

External feed and flushing connections E1 and E2
These external connections allow for external flushing, feeding and/or venting. Connection E1 is used in situations where a continuous feed into the magnet drive is desired. Connection E2 is used suitable for short-term flushing, or for external venting of the magnetic coupling.

Inducer J
Inducers are often used in cases where the installation's NPSH values are extremely low. Inducers substantially reduce pump NPSH throughout the installation without altering pump characteristics. Inducer J can be retrofitted on existing pumps, in most cases with only a minimum amount of pump modification.