Standard chemical pump according to DIN EN 22858/DIN ISO 5199


Design features

  • Horizontally mounted centrifugal pump
  • Shaft seal packing; single or double GLRD (also available as a cartridge unit
  • Heating for casing and casing cover available 
  • Reinforced oiled ball bearing

Technical data
Q up to 3500 m3/h with 50Hz / up to 4200 m3/h with 60Hz
H up to 150 m with 50Hz / up to 215 m with 60Hz
t from -40°C up to +300°C
p up to PN 16
Special configurations available up to PN 400
Higher outputs available.

Standard construction
Pump casing: 1.4408 oder 1.0619
Impeller: 1.4408
Casing cover: 1.4571
Shaft: 1.4462
Shaft sheath: 1.4571
Bearing lantern: 1.0619
Bearing carrier: 0.7043
Shaft seal: according to product and/or customer specifications
Other materials available

Identification code:


Bearing carrier realizations:

Bearing carrier





Oiled, with deep groove ball bearing

Suffixes (designs):


heated pump casing


heated casing cover




Design variants

Heated pump H1 and/or H2
The pumps are outfitted with a heat jacket and pump casing (H1) and/or a heat jacket in the bearing lantern (H2). Both heat jackets can be realized either separately or in conjunction with a bypass line. The heat jackets in the standard construction are rated for operating pressure of 16 bar at 200 ?°C (steam) or 6 bar at 350 ?°C. The heat jackets can also be used for cooling.

Inducer J
Inducers are often used in cases where the installation's NPSH values are extremely low. Inducers substantially reduce pump NPSH throughout the installation without altering pump characteristics. Inducer J can be retrofitted on existing pumps, in most cases with only a minimum amount of pump modification.